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Content management software

What Is CMS Software?

CMS software is a web-based application that is invaluable to many Webmasters. It enables the quick and easy addition and editing of website content. Entire pages or sections of pages can be added, removed, or edited. Similarly files, documents, and folders can also be easily managed with a website CMS. Their main benefit is that they require no programming knowledge or technical skill to use.

The Advantages Of A Web CMS

Speed And Ease
A web CMS offers speed and ease to any Webmaster regardless of technical knowledge or experience. The CMS software interface is a graphical admin panel that is similar in many respects to a word processor or desktop publisher.

Templates are easily added and maintained making the process of managing your website content and design even easier. By making a change to the template of your pages, the change is administered to all the pages of your site.

Access And Permissions
A website CMS offers an easy method of content addition for multiple people. It even allows you, as Webmaster, to assign certain responsibilities to individual people. It is possible to have content creators adding content, but only editors that can publish this content once it has been checked.

Who Benefits From A Website CMS?

Many different types of site and Webmaster can benefit from the use of a web CMS. Content heavy sites that will benefit most include large multi-page information websites, article directories and depositories, and review sites. The possibilities don't end there though. An online news site would also benefit greatly from CMS software.

Does Your Site Need A CMS?

A web CMS brings features and functionality to a vast range of different sites. Whether you run your own article directory or you just add regular content CMS software is the solution. It is quick, easy, and non-technical so any user can quickly get to grips with the simple graphical interface that a typical website CMS offers.

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WebStream Services

WebStream is a web design company that can create and implement a CMS on your website. If you require the capability to add more users and assign them specific tasks we can help. If you want a web CMS that enables you to add and amend content regularly with ease then we can help. Contact us today with your requirements to find out exactly how we can help you and your online presence grow.

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