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Content management software

What Is A CMS?

A CMS, or content management system, is a web application that allows Webmasters easier control over their website content. Specifically it enables the quick and easy adding and editing of pages and content elements. Instead of using HTML or another authoring language a PHP CMS generally uses a visual HTML editor. The editor is usually similar to a word processor or desktop publisher in appearance and use.

How Can I Benefit From A CMS?

A web based CMS offers the following advantages:

Template Editing
An ASP CMS allows a single template to be used for every new page of content. This further enables the Webmaster or content creator to edit the template and have those edits applied to every page of the website.

Editable Content
Content can be quickly and easily edited by anybody, regardless of technical level. Permissions can be granted to each individual so that they can add, edit, or remove content according to their permission level.

Permission Based Access
Permission based editing enables a good flow of work. Many CMS websites give different permissions to different employees or sub contractors. A good example of this is one person being given the ability to add a page of content. That page, however, cannot be viewed online until somebody with editor's privilege checks the article and publishes it.

The WebStream CMS Service

WebStream can install a powerful CMS into any new web design or existing website. The look and feel of the CMS can be altered to match your exact requirements and you will always have control over who has access and the level of permission they have. Whether you are looking for a convenient way to add content to your own site or want to manage workflows with several levels of user a WebStream CMS is the perfect solution. Contact us today with your CMS requirements to discuss how we can help.

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