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Content management software

Using A Web Content Management System

Larger sites or sites that will require the regular changing or addition of page content can benefit greatly from a web content management system (CMS). As the name suggests a web CMS enables webmasters quick and easy access to all site content. New pages can be added, existing ones can be amended, or old and unnecessary pages can be completely removed. This helps you to ensure that your site is kept regularly updated with fresh material.

The Advantages Of Content

Search engines are known to love websites that offer a lot of content pages. They also like to see new and fresh content being added on a regular basis. In order to take advantage of this some websites include an article directory or similar content based section on their website. Without the use of an intuitive and easily accessible CMS, adding these articles or pages can mean the creation of a new web page every single time.

Formatting Made Easy

A web content management system offers a number of formatting benefits too. The user interface included with a CMS is usually a graphical interface. This offers a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor that will automatically update the HTML on your pages. Absolutely no programming or Internet knowledge is needed to be able to maintain a website that uses a CMS.

Multiple CMS Users

If you run or manage a website that uses several different content creators then a CMS allows the writers themselves to add the content directly to your site. This reduces the amount of intervention required on your part and through the use of permission-based access it is possible to allow specific individuals certain capabilities. You can grant full editorial access to a select few and grant submission access only to the writers. This can prevent mistakes and even intentional damage to your website.

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The WebStream Web Content Management System

WebStream is a web design agency that specialises in creating CMS based websites. All web content management systems are installed with the Webmaster and end user in mind and all include a simplistic but powerful WYSIWYG editor that is as easy to use as a word processor.

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