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Content management software

The Website Content Management System

A website content management system is an application that enables webmasters to add, remove, amend, and manage web pages and web content elements. For sites that host or envisage hosting multiple pages or just want complete control over they offer a perfect solution. Without a CMS it is necessary to create and add web pages manually, which can be time consuming even for experienced programmers.

No Experience Necessary

A website CMS that is easy to use can be mastered quickly even by the least experienced Webmaster. Many are as simple to use as the word processor or desktop publisher you already use because of the drag and drop and single click functionality that they provide. Harnessing this simplicity enables you as a Webmaster to provide a better all round experience for your site visitors.

CMS Advantages For Small Businesses And Individuals

Individual site owners, especially those that operate a network of sites, are able to quickly add content to their sites. A website content management system can save valuable time and prevents the need to pay for outsourcing. Small business owners also gain the same benefits. Even if you outsource the content creation then a CMS can provide great benefits.

Content Management Systems For Larger Networks

Some sites rely on several people to regularly add content. This can cause problems in terms of granting access to the right people. A CMS offers the opportunity to establish numerous content producer accounts. Some also provide the scope to assign particular tasks or access levels to individual users. For large businesses or smaller sites with several content creators this is particularly beneficial.

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Using A Web Content Management System
The Website Content Management System

How WebStream Can Help

WebStream is a web development company offering full web design and development services including the creation of simple but highly effective CMS software. Once integrated within your site, your web content management system is easy to use for anyone with access. Pages can be added quickly, altered when required, and completely removed if needed.

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