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The Importance Of A Domain Name Registrar

The domain name of a website is the identifying tag of that site. When a visitor first finds the page whether through the search engine results or by following a link, the first thing they look at is the domain name. There are several things that a domain name can indicate to a visitor and that we all subconsciously consider when we log on to a website. Considering all of these, as well as other factors, is important when deciding on your domain name.

Using Your Business Name

If you already run a business offline then you should attempt to match your domain name as closely as possible to your business name. This helps with company branding and ensures that your online and offline efforts complement one another.

Relevancy Is Important

A domain name should, at the very least, be relevant to the subject of your site. There are always exceptions to this rule (the vast majority of search engines being prime examples) but when we first visit a site we look at the domain to determine whether it is relevant to our search for information.

A .com Domain Name Is Best

A .com domain name appears more professional and is easily more memorable than any other domain name. Every domain name registrar offers the .com domain name as standard because it is the most popular and most widely accepted in the world. Some local domains do perform well and .edu or .gov are excellent domains but only available to educational and governmental bodies respectively.

The Importance Of A Domain Name Registrar
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The Importance Of A Domain Name

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WebStream - Domain Name Registrar

WebStream is a domain name registrar. Our affordable prices and range of top-level domains including the .com domain name makes us one of the best registrars in the industry. Find the domain name you are interested and proceed to checkout in order to purchase or, alternatively, look at our other products that include web design, digital illustration, and much more.

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