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The Importance Of A Domain Name

A domain name is an important part of any website. It is the primary identifying factor that visitors will look at when first opening your site. If you want repeat visitors then your domain name needs to be memorable. Many people automatically remember a domain name as being a .com top level domain (TLD) but there is still use for .co.uk domain names and other TLDs.

Registering .co.uk Domain Names

.co.uk domain names are as easy to register as .com or any other domain. It is a good idea to use a UK domain registrar but it isn't strictly necessary. However, if you are based in the UK yourself it will often prove easier to do so.

Another method to register UK domain names is to look for a complementary service you require that offers domain registration as a free addition. Typical examples of this are web hosting companies and, in some cases, web designers. Not only will this save a few pounds but it will also reduce admin because they will deal with the necessary arrangements.

UK Domain Names

UK domain names are predominantly meant for UK businesses, or websites that are geared towards a UK based market. In these instances a .co.uk domain name can still be effective for a website. It can also be a good idea, as a UK website, to register the .co.uk domain equivalent if you have an existing .com domain. This ensures that any marketing and branding you do is not wasted and doesn't benefit another website.

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WebStream - UK Domain Registrar

WebStream is a UK domain registrar. As well as providing .co.uk domain names we also provide a vast range of other top level domains. You can purchase your .co.uk domain and a .com domain for better market coverage.

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