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Webstream's dedicated servers, Telehouse
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Domain Registration

When it comes time to register a domain name it is not uncommon for a lot of businesses and individuals to jump in with the first available one they can find. However, your domain name is an integral part of your online presence. A well thought out and researched domain name needs to have certain things for it to be a success for your site. It may seem trivial but it really can make all the difference. Research is essential before you begin your domain registration.

Considering Your Web Host Options

Looking for a web host is an important part of your online journey. A good web host will answer technical enquiries quickly and simply and will provide an excellent range of features and program support. On the other hand, a poor web hosting company will be unresponsive to any form of contact and have little in the way of technical support or product features. The difference in financial outlay between a bad web host and a good web hosting company can amount to pennies every month but in terms of profit it can be absolutely devastating.


Size Matters

It's a poor subtitle but a valid point nonetheless. The size of your domain name really does matter for two main reasons - search engines and visitors. Search engines frown on long domain names because they believe them to belong to spam websites. The path of any individual page apart from your homepage can be longer but the main domain itself should be as short as you can make it while adhering to the rest of the rules. Similarly, visitors are much less likely to accurately remember a 30-character domain than they are a ten-character domain name.

Branding And Domain Registration

Branding your site is important. If you have existing company branding then you should attempt to follow this through by using the name of your business as your domain. This isn't always possible if you have a popular domain. Try to get as close as possible but avoid missing out letters or using letters in place of numbers. If you do not already have a business name you can use, pick a domain that is easily brandable. This means it should be catchy and relatively short. It should also be relevant to your site topic.

Keyword Inclusion

As well as being relevant to the topic of your site it may be beneficial to include the primary keywords of your homepage. This can aid in search engine rankings, hence providing you with more traffic from search engines. Try to include them at the beginning of the domain name.

Worldwide And UK Domain Registration From WebStream

WebStream is a UK domain registration company but we also act as registrars for .com and many other top-level domains (TLDs). Consider registering a domain name with several of the more popular TLDs in order to maximise your branding efforts.

WebStream - London Web Host

WebStream is a London web host that offers high quality hosting plans on top quality servers with responsive customer service. Our plans start at just a few pounds per month and websites are hosted on PHP Linux based servers making them easily accessible and giving you the ability to add new programs and features quickly, easily, and affordably.

Network Uptime Equals Site Accessibility

We offer a network uptime guarantee of 99.9% meaning that your site will be accessible to your visitors when they want to visit. You will also receive your email communication quickly and efficiently without any major interruptions in delivery. As a WebStream hosting customer you receive an unlimited amount of email accounts so ensuring that all emails get delivered is essential.

WebStream Web Hosting Company

WebStream web hosting company provides exceptional service at affordable prices. All customers get full administrative control of their website with a fully functioning web control panel. This enables you to manage the pages of your site and any documents you want uploaded or removed. You can also manage your email accounts and administer any programs that you install using the web control panel or FTP access. WebStream is the London web host that you can rely on.

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