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Effective Internet Marketing Help

PPC advertising such as Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are among the most popular methods of Internet marketing. They both have advantages and disadvantages but the vast majority of websites will benefit from using one or the other.

What Is SEO?

SEO, also referred to as organic SEO, is the optimisation of a website (including off-site factors) that leads to a high ranking in search engine result pages. This high ranking means a greater exposure to Internet surfers and typically a greater level of traffic.

Is SEO The Best Form Of Internet Marketing?

Search engine traffic is considered among the best because it is highly targeted to the content of your website and is comparatively cheaper than PPC and other forms of advertising. Whereas it may be necessary to spend several pounds for every PPC click you receive, an SEO campaign costing as little as a hundred pounds a month can generate tens of thousands of visitors every month.

Effective Internet Marketing Help
What Is SEM?

Introduction To Online Promotion
What Is Search Engine Optimisation?
Search Engine Traffic For Your Site

PPC And Google Adwords

SEO, though, is the slower form of Internet marketing. PPC enables webmasters to dive in with both feet and start receiving high levels of targeted traffic immediately. An SEO campaign is at its best when conducted over a long period of time and it usually takes weeks or months before results begin to show. It can take considerably longer before a good amount of traffic starts to arrive on your site.

The Quick Fix

An Internet marketer will generally leverage the quick hit of PPC advertising such as Google Adwords against the long-term benefits of an SEO campaign. This enables a website to start with a good level of traffic and substitute this potentially high cost traffic with much more inexpensive search engine traffic over time.

WebStream - Internet Marketer

WebStream offers assistance with Google Adwords and SEO campaigns. We can provide all the advantages of both services to bring you a comprehensive amount of traffic that will steadily grow over time. Contact us today for advice or a quote on our Internet marketing services.

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