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What Is SEM?

SEM, short for Search Engine Marketing, is a method of marketing your websites to bring search engine traffic to your site. While it sounds similar to SEO, the two are different. SEO is a single component of SEM and its aim is to generate traffic from the organic (unpaid) search engine results. In contrast, SEM considers any possible method of directing traffic from search engine pages to a website including Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns as well as paid inclusion advertising.

Google Adwords And PPC Advertising

Google Adwords is one of the best known PPC marketing campaigns in the industry. As with virtually everything Google now touches, it has become massively popular and is by far the most widely used by both advertisers and publishers. As a Google Adwords consultant WebStream can offer assistance in everything from writing the PPC ads themselves to studying analytics and suggesting ways to improve your PPC campaign. We don't only deal with Google's program and can help to implement a PPC campaign with any number of different services.

Paid Listings And Paid Inclusion

Paid listings or paid inclusion listings are offered by some search engines. These tend to feature either as a "sponsored link" at the top of the search results or simply at the top of the search results. This method ensures that you reach the top of the result pages for keywords that are most relevant to your site, your service, and your product offerings.

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What Is SEM?

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WebStream SEM

WebStream offers more than web design and hosting services. We offer tools and strategies to help improve your traffic levels and conversion rates. For details about our SEM, Google Adowrds, or other Internet marketing services please contact us today. We can provide you with details of the services as well as ways in which we can help improve the popularity of your site.

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