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The Importance Of A Company Logo

Your company logo is an integral facet of your company branding. It helps customers, suppliers, and employees identify with your corporate persona. It unifies all aspects of your business from major marketing campaigns to letterhead paper and your website design.

When designing a website it is typical to use the company logo as the basis for the main design, also incorporating company colours.

Logo Design Examples
Unique Illustration

Looking for something unique for your website? Want to make a positive, lasting impression on your visitors? A unique illustration created by a professional graphic designer imparts all of these benefits and many more.

Whether you want digital illustration or digital design WebStream offers a professional graphic design service that provides compelling and aesthetically pleasing results. In turn this will generate a buzz around your site and it will help to promote your service or sell your products.

Illustration Design Examples

How WebStream Can Help

WebStream is a web design and graphic design agency. We can create compelling, memorable, and original company logos that will appeal to your entire target market. We ensure that you are happy with your logo before we are willing to sign the project off as complete and we also ensure that your company logo interacts well with any other aspects of company branding. Contact us today to see how we can help kick start your company branding efforts with an effective company logo design.

WebStream offers the services of a skilled and professional graphic designer. We not only provide images created using photographs and existing images as the base but also completely unique illustration. Whether you want images with a cartoon appearance or a more lifelike look we can meet and beat your expectations and create a visually stunning illustration. Contact us today to discuss your requirements further.

Company Logo Design

A company logo should identify with your target market while remaining memorable and effective. As such, it is important to complete your market research and customer demographic research before you begin your company logo design. Generally speaking, a younger target audience will appreciate a more modern looking logo while a more mature audience will enjoy a classic feel to a company logo.

Company logo design should also attempt to incorporate some important aspect of your business. While this isn't always possible it will help your audience to relate your logo to your company. With that said, though, you should attempt to retain a degree of originality. Certain emblems and icons have been used over and over again and it can be difficult to overcome the branding efforts of other companies using a similar logo.


Including Graphics On Your Site

No matter how well written your website content is and how much traffic you get, a static page that is filled with nothing but text is unlikely to yield the best results. A site that is maximised to increase conversions and retain site visitors is one that appeals on every single level. As well as providing relevant textual information to your visitors you should also attempt to engage them with visual stimuli such as pictures and graphics.

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