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What To Look For When Choosing Web Hosting

Web hosting is seen as a lot of Webmasters as being a necessary evil. Wherever possible many of us scrimp and save to find the cheapest hosting and while cost implications should always play a part it is important to differentiate between cheap website hosting and inexpensive hosting. The difference can mean a loss in revenue or alternatively it could mean maximised profits and exposure.

Why You Need Hosting

Whatever the purpose of a website it needs to be hosted otherwise the only person to view it will be the designer. It will be nothing more than a design template that nobody will see. Web hosting can cost as little as a few pounds a few months for shared hosting to tens or even hundreds of pounds a month for co-location or dedicated server hosting.

Web Hosting Aspects To Consider

Important aspects of a hosting account should be the features and compatibility on offer, expected uptime, customer service levels, and cost. Features include the amount of disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts as well as a range of other important factors.


Compatibility is also essential to ensure that you can actually host your site on a particular server. PHP scripts, for example, can only be run on servers that use the appropriate software. Dynamic websites that offer user-friendly features will generally require SQL databases. If a website is designed using FrontPage then the web host must support FrontPage extensions for the site to even be rendered in a user's browser.

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What To Look For When Choosing Web Hosting
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WebStream Web Hosting And Other Services

WebStream provides affordable website hosting as well as quality web design and graphic design services and domain registration. We offer all the aspects of running a website so that you only have to deal with one company. This also means that when we design a site and host it we can install everything that's required to match your needs. WebStream is more than just a web host.

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