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What Is Digital Illustration?

Digital illustration uses digital tools, software, and applications to create graphical illustrations and images. It is essentially the digital equivalent of "free-hand" illustration because it does not use mathematical models and does not incorporate digitally enhanced or altered photographs or images. It is professional illustration using a mouse or another pointing device such as a tablet and stylus. The end result is generally an entirely unique and, if done well, high quality image.

Its Uses And Tactics

Digital illustration can be used for a range of purposes including unique design and non-linear illustration. It is very different to digital art, which typically uses mathematical modelling to create its end result. It is possible to include photographic or other image based sections into digital illustration but this is not the primary method of image creation.

The Advantages Of Digital Illustration Over Manual Illustration

If you are looking for a unique design of any aspect of your website or for any other purpose then professional illustration is a must-have. Digital illustration offers several benefits over its non-digital counterpart. The primary advantage is that a digital illustration is already compiled onto a computer. The saving, storage, and translation of the resulting image does not alter the end result. Storage, retrieval, and sending of digital illustration is also much easier and quicker.


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What Is Digital Illustration?
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The WebStream Professional Illustration Service

WebStream offers a full professional illustration service specialising in digital illustration. If you have any unique design requirements contact us to discuss the best way to generate the desired illustration. 3D graphics and 3D programs are among the more common uses but professional illustration has a much more varied range of uses than this. The resulting image is usually much more detailed and appears more "lifelike" than other forms of digital design and art.

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