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What Is Digital Illustration?

Digital illustration is the creation of illustration using digital technology and hardware. Typically, digital website illustration is done using software and a pointing device such as a stylus or mouse. Where it differs predominantly from digital art or digital design is that it is essentially a freehand technique. Other forms of digital design tend to use mathematical models or existing images and photographs as the main aspect of the final picture.

The Advantages Of Digital Website Illustration

The main advantage of using a digital illustrator is that they can create an entirely unique design. For logos and other website illustration this can really help to set your website apart from your competitors.

Website illustration is not only unique but it also provides an extremely well polished design that is virtually unparalleled. Several techniques can be used to provide an illustration that looks hand drawn or looks virtually lifelike. Whatever the effect a digital illustrator can create it effectively.

The Uses Of Digital Illustration

Website illustration can vary greatly. Some Webmasters use a digital illustrator to pen an entirely unique looking logo. Alternatively some websites use animations to give their website a "face" and a voice. This can be an excellent way to endear yourself and your website to anyone who visits. Other uses include 3D graphic and 3D game design.

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Website illustration

What Is Digital Illustration?
The Advantages Of Digital Website Illustration

Website Illustration Services From WebStream

Website illustration created by a digital illustrator is done using a freehand method and a mouse or other pointing device. The result is a unique appearance and a unique effect. It is generally easy to tell when a digital illustrator has created a graphic because of the exceptional finish. Typical uses of a digital illustrator include the creation of a website "persona" or character or the creation of 3D graphics and 3D games.

WebStream is a highly skilled digital illustrator service. We can generate appealing and exciting animations, characters, logos or other website illustration on your request. If you require a unique illustration for your website or other online venture then contact us to discuss your requirements.

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