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Website Logo Design Factors

Effective website logo design needs to be appealing, relevant, targeted, and branded. By combining all of these factors into a website logo it is possible to make your website and business more memorable and improve your website performance. Any existing company branding should be taken into account in order to take advantage of existing customers and ensure that your offline and online efforts coincide with one another.

A Website Logo Specifically For Your Business

If you run a business then it is vital to remember that your website is an extension of your offline business. You shouldn't treat the two as being completely separate. Instead, remember that they both have the same target market and the same service or product on offer. This is true of any website whether it is an online portfolio, a site detailing your services, or an all-singing all-dancing ecommerce website.

Online And Offline Logos

Target markets may change a little between offline and online marketing efforts. Offline marketing, in a lot of cases, tends to concentrate on local advertising. In complete contrast, online advertising opens up a global marketplace for you to take advantage of. Your website logo design should do the same thing. At the very least it is important your logo design company includes at least some elements of your original logo into your website logo.

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Website Logo Design Factors

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WebStream The Logo Design Company

WebStream is a web design and logo design company. We can craft an effective website logo taking into account any existing logo design or company branding that you have already done. The result would be a web optimised, visitor friendly logo ready to be placed on your site or included in a new website design. When you contact us with your request please provide any details of company colours, logos, and branding so that we can provide accurate information for you.

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