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Introduction To Online Promotion

There are several different angles when it comes to online promotion. As well as the more commonly considered SEO there is also PPC or pay-per-click advertising programs. The most popular example of this is the Google Adwords program that has become one of the quickest and most efficient ways to advertise a website. However, where PPC advertising often requires a reasonable initial investment SEO is comparatively much cheaper.

Online Advertising Methods

Other forms of online promotion such as banner advertising, newsletter advertising, and email marketing can also prove beneficial to specific types of website operating in certain industries. Your website will certainly benefit from some form of online advertising because without it you will not get the visitors or customers you need to survive.

The Cost Of Online Promotion

Online promotion costs are low in comparison to offline advertising. SEO can generate hundreds or even thousands of potential customers to your site for only hundreds of pounds a month. This is less than a single salesperson would cost for a year and SEO arguably generates greater results over a longer period of time.

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Introduction To Online Promotion
What Is Search Engine Optimisation?
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Monitoring Google Adwords Performance And Other Marketing Indicators

All forms of online advertising need to be addressed regularly. PPC ads such as Google Adwords should be closely and carefully monitored to ensure that they continue to generate results and that your marketing efforts are still geared towards the appropriate keywords. SEO online promotion is an ongoing venture and you will need to regularly compare your own performance and performance indicators against those of your competition.

WebStream Promotion Services

At WebStream we understand that designing and developing a website is an important part of your online presence, but is still only a part of it. We offer extremely beneficial SEO tools that enable you to constantly check your performance. As well as your ranking for certain keywords we also display how many links you have with each search engine and our keyword research tool is among the best in the industry.

WebStream Design And Online Promotion

Using WebStream to design and develop your website gives you access a search engine friendly website that can be easily spidered and indexed by any of the search engines. We also create Meta tags or, in the case of CMS and ecommerce websites, these meta tags are created automatically according to the content you enter. This is an excellent way to kick-start your online promotion efforts.

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