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What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the creation or editing of a website in order that it ranks highly in search engine result pages. For a new website this means ensuring that the search engines are able to effectively index all of the relevant pages, and identify the appropriate keywords to classify and categorise your website. Once this stage is complete an SEO service will then progress to optimising your website content and build a link profile.

Indexing Your Pages

Website accessibility is a major issue. A site that is inaccessible to the search engine spiders will not be indexed. Regardless of how well an SEO consultant performs at building links it will be impossible to perform well. Search engine friendly website design from WebStream ensures that the spiders can effectively crawl through and to every single page of your site.

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What Is Search Engine Optimisation?
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The WebStream SEO Service

Another advantage of using WebStream search engine optimisation friendly website design is that we create the necessary Meta tags for you. Meta search engines use these tags to help determine the most appropriate keywords for your site and many search engines and directories use them to develop an accurate description of your site. The majority of SEO consultants may charge a set fee for Meta tag creation. A WebStream CMS or ecommerce site design, though, automatically generates these tags according to the information you input.

SEO Tools And More

We have a beneficial range of SEO consultant tools at your disposal. The general SEO site information tool contains a lot of information that you should use and track throughout any SEO campaign. It shows links, authoritative links, number of pages indexed with the search engines and much more. The WebStream SEO service will help to generate search engine traffic directly to the pages of your website. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in greater depth.

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