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Javascript Introduction

Despite the similarity in names Javascript is only very loosely linked to the Java programming language. Perhaps the most common use of Javascript web programming is the creation of functions that interact with HTML code and a Document Object Model. The result is an application that performs tasks HTML alone could not perform. A typical example is the display of pop-up and pop-under windows as well as the management of how these windows appear. It can also be used to validate form entries and generate mouse rollover effects on buttons or other web page elements.

Dynamic HTML

DHTML, or Dynamic HTML, pages are usually created using a combination of HTML, Javascript, CSS, and a Document Object Model. This can be used to create active buttons that alter when clicked or when the mouse hovers over them. DHTML can also be used to create very simple browser based games, but the options with this are limited and restricted by the use of different browsers. This has actually improved in recent years as all browsers are beginning to operate using uniform standards.

Website Functions And Design Elements

Javascript itself can be used directly to create similar page effects. It can be implemented to create attractive buttons, menus, and banners as well as other web page elements. It can also be implemented in the same way as DHTML to check form entries and validate that they are theoretically correct (e.g. an email address should contain the @ symbol or the date should be in the format dd/mm/yyyy).

Other Uses Of Javascript Web Programming

Web programming with Javascript enables the creation of web tools and simple browser based games. This provides a level of interactivity to your site that can be difficult to achieve without using a more advanced form of web programming than HTML.

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Javascript Introduction
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WebStream Services

Javascript web programming is just one of the services WebStream offers. If you require dynamic content for your website or you want an entirely new dynamic site then contact us with your requirements. We can advise you as to the best way to create your desired content and, where appropriate, provide a no-obligation quote.

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