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Perl Web Programming

The Perl programming language has been used now for over 20 years and today is one of the most popular dynamic languages available for creating web applications. High traffic websites such as Amazon.com use Perl extensively to manage and maintain data and create web based reports from this data. Perl is predominantly used for data conversion, data management, and site or page creation.

Data Conversion

Perl can cope admirably with massive amounts of data of any kind. Not only will it effectively store the data and perform simple routine tasks such as sorting the data it can perform much more complex procedures. Thanks to this ability Perl can be effectively used to alter a large number of pages, files, folders, and images in large quantities. It does this quickly and very accurately with few problems. Another typical use of Perl in terms of data conversion is to generate mailing or emailing lists from data sets collected from online forms.

Data Management

Perl is often used to manipulate the data stored in databases. A Perl script can be used to query a database and retrieve relevant information. Furthermore, once the data has been retrieved Perl can also be used to manipulate this data in just about any practical way. Calculations can be quickly and accurately performed or a summary report of the information can be provided.

Page And Site Generation

Using Perl enables Webmasters to vastly reduce the amount of time they spend on repetitive and mundane tasks. Creating a large amount of pages, files, or images can be done very effectively using a Perl application. Alternatively it can be used to develop indexes and sub-indexes of existing pages and newly created pages.

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WebStream Perl Web Programming

WebStream can develop and implement Perl applications to assist with any of the above. Alternatively we can advise a more efficient or more advantageous way of performing any web based task you need. Contact us with your exact requirements and we will answer any questions and provide a quote where relevant to compile the applications.

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