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PHP Web Programming

PHP, which is surprisingly a shortened version of Hypertext Preprocessor, is a web programming language originally created in order to aid in the creation of dynamic web pages. However, over time and after new standards and inclusions, PHP has a much broader range of applications. It is still, though, one of the must trusted and widely used languages for creating dynamic content pages. It is used for the management and display of dynamic content, the management of online purchasing, and the creation of complex functions.

Dynamic Content Management And Display

A common use of PHP web programming is the creation of a content management system. A content management system is a server-based application that is used by Webmasters and web content contributors to quickly publish and manage online content. Rather than having to code and edit every individual page a CMS enables users to add textual and graphical content quickly and easily. This content is then assigned to the desired template and added to the website.

A PHP content management system is an extremely versatile and beneficial way to manage a website. As well as being able to add and remove pages a CMS generally also enables the addition and management of images, files, and all other content.

Ecommerce Product Purchasing And Ordering

Another common use of a PHP based application is an ecommerce website. Shopping carts or online catalogues tend to contain large amounts of data that would otherwise need to be added and maintained manually. Similarly, online orders can also be automated using a PHP ecommerce system.

Complex Website Features

Certain types of tool and even limited games can be created using PHP web programming. Webmaster tools are often created using PHP because it allows accurate and timely retrieval of data and content.

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PHP Web Programming
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WebStream PHP Programming

WebStream can provide CMS and ecommerce site design using PHP web programming. We have delivered feature packed PHP websites for many satisfied clients and we continue to do so. We also offer PHP Linux hosting so using our hosting plans means you can be certain that your PHP application will run smoothly and properly.

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