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Web programming can be used for the benefit of the Webmaster, other website contributors, or for visitors. There are a number of programming environments and languages that can be incorporated in order to create a unique and highly beneficial web application. These applications can range from content management systems to applications that store, manipulate and render dynamic data to the pages of your site. At WebStream we specialise in offering the following types of web programming.


Perl, along with Python and PHP, is one of the most widely used languages to write web applications. It is extremely versatile and particularly beneficial for creating dynamic applications. Common uses for Perl programming include the management and manipulation of date to create online reports as well as bringing together two or more applications that would not ordinarily be combined.


PHP, short for hypertext preprocessor, is another popular dynamic programming language used to create web applications. It is perhaps most commonly used to create content management systems and ecommerce websites because it handles dynamic content elements easily. It is a hugely functional programming language that offers many benefits.


Javascript is a well-used language in terms of creating dynamic style elements for web pages and entire websites. It can be used to generate more impressive results than HTML coding alone will produce and is often seen in use with banners, buttons, and pop-up advertisements. However, it's usefulness doesn't end with the creation of relatively simple but highly effective web page elements. It can also be used to check forms and is the basis for many small online games and tools.


Flash is used to create aesthetically pleasing web page design elements. It can be used to generate attractive banners and buttons or it can be used to develop an entire site that oozes class and user orientated features.

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Web Programming

WebStream Web Programming

WebStream can use web programming to create a vast array of web applications. Server side tools can be used to benefit the good of Webmasters and content creators while style elements can be quickly and easily added to a website to greatly benefit the end-user. Contact us with your request and we'll let you know the most suitable web programming language for the job and provide you with a no obligation quote.

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