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Website optimisation and marketing

At its simplest SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the creation or editing of a website to rank higher in search engine result pages. By ranking high in search results a website will usually receive a larger amount of traffic. Search engine traffic is considered among the best types of traffic because it is highly targeted and tends to generate excellent conversion rates when compared to other sources of visitors to your site.

SEO is essentially broken down into two very generic sections - on-page and off-page optimisation. Off-page optimisation concentrates on the creation of links to your site from other websites. These links are viewed as a vote of confidence or value for your site and the more links your site gets the better it will fare in the search results.

Website Marketing
Pay per click advertising

The performance of a PPC advertising campaign is down to a combination of powerful ad copywriting, keyword research, and constant monitoring and maintenance. Google Adwords operates as an auction whereby the highest bidder has their advert appear on the Google network of sites or advertising partner sites.

Bids are placed by advertisers for specific keywords and can range from a few pence per click to literally tens and even hundreds of pounds per click. Poor bid management can lead to exorbitant costs with a very poor return for your money. This is why keyword research is an essential part of a Google Adwords website advertising campaign.

Pay Per Click Advertising

On-Page Factors

On-page SEO includes factors such as the generation of meta tags, the strategic placing of keywords in text and other tags on your pages, and ensuring that a site can be indexed, crawled, and ranked by search engines. It is important to keep a regular check on all on-page and off-page SEO factors to ensure that you retain and improve your rankings.

Search Engine Friendly Websites From WebStream

We also generate meta tags and only create websites that can be easily navigated by the search engine spiders (software that navigates from page to page and site to site). WebStream E-commerce websites and websites that incorporate a content management system automatically generate these meta tags according to the text you input making them a simple and highly effective way to perform well on the search engine result pages.

WebStream SEO Tools

WebStream can help with SEO in a number of ways. We offer several SEO tools that are particularly beneficial to check inbound links from various sources, research the most advantageous keywords for each of your pages, and see how well you are performing for your major keywords.

Effective Advertising Copy

Advertising copy needs to persuade readers to perform the desired action. A Google Adwords ad only consists of a title, two very short lines of text, and a URL to a web page. Typically this means that you have approximately 15 words and a URL to grab the attention of readers and persuade them to click your link.



Why Google Adwords Is Popular

As far as website advertising goes Google Adwords is among the most popular and potentially beneficial methods available. PPC advertising in general is popular because it enables a website to set tangible daily limits and ensure that these are closely adhered to. It also generates targeted traffic when done well and will usually yield good results.

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